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Current and Upcoming Books


Book 1 cover

Book 1 in the Guided to Love experience Bella's telling of how she found The Book of Life, meet Frank and Ray, and follow them in their first assignment with Patty and Al.

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Big Easy Love


Book 2 in the Guided to Love series. Do Ray and Frank get to work together. Find out how Bella decides to share their story and learn more about Bella. Frank's next assignment: Mary and Charles.

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Work Love


Book 3 in the Guided to Love series. Ray and Frank receive another assignment. Alice and Eric are totally cute co-workers navigating the waters of interest and attraction. 

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Love With Style


Ray and Frank grow closer and receive a new assignment to help Tim and Lilly make the unfashionable choice to commit even though their careers may not be perfectly in order.

coming soon

Book 5

Cover coming before book due out in August.

Another place holder! This book is due out in August 2019!

Out in August

Book 6


Yes! This book is written, too! Due out in September 2019.

Due in September

How We Met


The story of how Ray's parents met. Short and sweet, easy to read. And totally free!

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Journey to Heaven


This story tells the tale of the beginning of Frank's afterlife. Learn where he goes, who he meets, what he learns, and how he becomes a matchmaker angel.

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